How to Organize Your Printed Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral primarily refers to the collection of materials, printed or content of electronic media, used to support or enhance the sales of products or services. For any business, big or small, new or old, having printed marketing collateral is very crucial, especially if the project is going to be a gaining business. These materials will help you make connections, promote your business and educate your customers.

Printed marketing collateral comes in various forms: we have business cards, flyers, brochures, note cards and demonstration scripts. Now having marketing collateral is one thing, and actually staying organized with your printed marketing collateral is another. Organization is vital. For you to substantially fulfill branding, marketing and have long term retention of your brand, you have to get organized with your business sales materials.

Marketing collateral

Often, your business will be judged based on the consistency, relevancy and the overall quality of the collateral materials you present to customers. Therefore, here is how you can ensure organization of these materials.

– First and foremost, before printing out any of your marketing materials, ensure that you have the correct information typed. Any piece of information you include in the materials should be relevant and one that will help push sales for your products. Know the goal behind your campaign and incorporate it in every type of printed materials. You can however decide to customize each type of material differently.

– Once you are done with typing all the information required, do not yet rush to print out; proofread for any errors, mainly grammatical. A simple overlooked mistake can help ruin your business reputation.

– Choose the right colors and fonts for your materials. Also, the colors should not deviate a lot from your brand’s main colors. Do not print out boring business cards, or create messy-looking folders.

– Use literature racks to help present and professionally organize your marketing collateral. This will make them attractive and easily accessible to your clients.

Literrature rack

At this juncture, let us assume you are organized. Now, why is it important to have your printed marketing collateral in organization?

1. They give an impression: Your marketing collateral is more than often the very first impression your clients will have of your business. Therefore it is important that you have all materials organized and neat. Some clients are not very patient; they will immediately lose interest once they find you in a messy state.

2. They carry the brand: Your materials will speak volumes about your brand. Therefore, however you present them is the same manner your clients will perceive your brand. Be organized, stay relevant and ensure clarity.

3. They help you look the part: Let us say your company deals with home designs and decors. Then one day a client visits your business office, and the first thing that hits their eye is how disorganized your literature stand is. Yet you always advertise of how you can make homes stylish, beautiful and organized. It just does not add up, does it? You have to look the part.

4. They will push for sales: If anything, this would be the reason behind creating the marketing collateral in the first place; to boost productivity. Hence, having them in a disorganized state will mean that your mission will not be attained and you will only have wasted resources. For maximum attention and productivity, have your materials in organization.

Why Bookstores Are Failing In Business

Like many other traditional retailers bookstores are beginning to feel the effects of online shopping as their sales continue to decline. In the past if you wanted a book there was a great chance that you would go to one of the many bookstores that are out there and pick up a hardcover or paper back copy of the book in question. Now though there are so many different options out there that it should come as no surprise that bookstores are struggling to keep the interest of consumers. Making matters worse is the fact that revenue continues to drop as costs rise which is pushing many bookstores to the edge.

book store

eBooks Are A Major Threat To Physical Books

Perhaps the single biggest threat to bookstores are eBooks. With an eBook someone can go online and instantly buy and download the literature they are looking for. There’s no taking a trip to the bookstore, no waiting in line, and no dealing with out of stock issues. If the book is for sale you can bet that there will be an online venue that has it available. On top of the ease of getting the book of your choice there’s also a lot of convenience in being able to carry that book anywhere that they go. People can use a tablet, reader, or even a smart phone to read their books, so why would they want to carry around a thick book everywhere they want to go?

Online Shopping For Physical Books Is Growing In Popularity As Well

While eBooks are a major threat to bookstores there are still people out there that prefer to have a physical copy of a favorite book instead of one that is in electronic format. This would seem to play into the favor of bookstores, but once again online shopping and technology have cut into what should be a loyal portion of the market for them. With the busy lives we all live it’s no wonder that people turn to online shopping for literature. Instead of having to go out and get a book you can have it delivered to your doorstep, it really doesn’t get anymore convenient than that.

online books

Can Bookstores Take Steps To Remain Relevant?

With technology seeming to work against them it may seem as if traditional bookstores will soon go the way of the dinosaur. But what if instead of fighting against technological progress traditional bookstores instead chose to embrace it? What if they used the same technology that is pushing them toward going out of business to attract new customers?

One great idea for bookstores would be to expand their online presence. It’s a given that many people prefer a hardcover or paper back instead of an electronic book so why shouldn’t bookstores start to fight for their own piece of the market? In fact bookstores could do something creative such as offering a free cup of coffee or pastry from their snack shop? That should certainly attract some new customers. Or what if they partnered with an eBook retailer to allow customers to download an electronic copy of their book while having a physical copy shipped to them? The point here is that instead of fighting against progress a smarter move would be for bookstores to embrace it.

Importance of Literature Stands and Pamphlet Holders

If you want to increase your sales, you should use good marketing and advertising campaigns. For this, you need to use the best advertising tools and marketing strategies to ensure all the requirements of effective promotion and marketing are carried out well. Brochure holders, literature stands, and pamphlet holders are of crucial in this regard. The main objective of creating brochure is to present product features and company profile in a spectacular and dynamic form. While making the brochure, importance is given to detailed and sophisticated representation and if brochures are kept in an unorganised way, all the effort goes to waste. Brochure holders, literature stands and pamphlet holders makes the office look more organised and neat and allows you to display brochures and leaflets in a creative fashion. In this way the importance of your leaflets and brochures are maintained. Brochure holders and literature stands tempts the visitor to pick up the brochure or pamphlet and read on.

Brochure holders enable you to put valuable information at the forefront. It helps in building revenue, increase awareness and draw customer’s eyes. Brochure holders and pamphlet holders are sturdy yet simple. They are good for showcasing literature of all sizes and types. They are also very popular with medical facilities and doctors offices since they are used for disseminating important information to visitors and patients. Government and parks also use them to make information easily accessible to the public.

Benefits and advantages of using brochure holders.

Made of super strong material and very hard to break.

Available in various sizes for accommodating brochures of any size.

Most of them are made from transparent material which enables the users to read easily.

Great for areas with high foot traffic.

Makes the place look organized and tidy.

A great and Effective way of marketing any product

Increasing Importance of Brochure

Companies prepare brochures to increase awareness about any product amongst the potential customers and to highlight the policy, vision, mission and stature of the company. For this reason, a lot of time is spent designing brochure to ensure customers have a good impression about the company. If the brochures are not presented in a correct way, all the work goes to waste.

Be it a mailer or a small leaflet or a small business, it is crucial that each and every type of pamphlet and literature is presented in a neat and classy manner to ensure impeccable first impression. Unorganised mailers and brochures laying on the flood gives a bad impression. Literature stands or brochure holders placed at various trade shows, sponsored events, malls, fairs, multiplexes and exhibition stalls add to the image of the company.

Uses of literature stands, pamphlet holders and brochure holders

Literature stands and brochure holders are mainly used for displaying catalog, sign, flyer, magazines, newsletters and more. These holders are available in different sizes so buy one according to your need. The latest frames are lightweight, foldable and take very small area. Transportation and maintenance is never a problem since they are made from extremely light and durable material.